This is a section all about known Scams that has been found out or posted in by real people. Check through and see if you can search for a known scan either to learn what to look out for or see if you may (potentially) be a victim of a scam.

The ‘PayPal’ Scam

Author: Adam Phillips   |   Date: 8th November 2018

PayPal is a very reputable company who wouldn’t try to steal information from you. They possess one or several bits of your personal information, including card details, account details, personal information and possible information about your business.

What happens if they suddenly email you saying that your account has been stopped and you need to log in for further info – STOP!! This could be a scam.

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What is a scam?

Author: Adam Phillips   |   Date: 15th May 2018

Scams are everywhere, unfortunately its part of life now. Everyone knows someone who has fallen short of a scam. Its a shame that we’ve all had that phone call asking us to put on our computer because there is a fault with the Windows laptop (That we don’t possess!) or the email saying our account has been blocked from the bank (that we don’t bank with)

It’s our problem to try and figure out what is real – what is not. Who is genuinely trying to help and who is genuinely trying to strip us of our money/credentials or data.

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