There are so many quick wins that you can do to save money, one of them is by visiting or LEDBulbs!

The light bulbs found here are really cheap (vs supermarket prices for light bulbs) and its a great way of reducing your energy output from your home and as always, if you reduce your energy output – you save money! (Plus reduce your Carbon footprint).

LED Bulbs are a quick win, which isn’t too tricky to do, sometimes, they are slightly more expensive than ordinary bulbs, but not only will you save that money on your energy bills, but you will be using less energy for the same brightness. They are more reliable and tend to last a lot longer than a standard bulb.

If you would like to find out how much changing your light bulbs could save you, all you have to do is click here. has a whole array of different types of bulbs, for your business or home.

A little bit about…

Energy Bulbs – Pioneers in Quality LED Bulbs and Lighting

Established for more than six years, hundreds of thousands of home and business owners in the UK have trusted to guide their purchase of energy saving LED bulbs.

In a market that is flooded with cheap imported bulbs, we sell only branded products from reputable manufacturers. Our products are backed by long guarantee periods, and fast, free returns. Our close relationships with manufacturers mean we can often offer extra value – for example, with exclusive extra-long warranties and we also guarantee you can’t buy cheaper on the Web – no wonder we’re Number One for branded bulbs in the UK!

Every day our support team hear tales of how cheap, unbranded bulbs (many of which are foreign imports) do not deliver the light quality, length of service or safety of branded LED Bulbs. They only represent poor value for money (and in some cases) a safety risk. In contrast, we’re proud that our bulb return rate is less than 0.1% and that our buying power means that we can bring the best quality bulbs to you at rock bottom prices.

Our branded bulbs will reduce your energy bills and help you contribute to savings in CO2 emissions – quite simply, buying LED bulbs from is good for both the world and your pocket!

…and a little a bout for comparison…

The UK’s #1 in LED Bulbs

Welcome to – the home of LED Lighting in the UK. We are here to help you reduce your energy bills.

LED lighting is staging a revolution and we are at the vanguard. Over 90% more energy efficient than halogen and lasting up to 50 times longer than incandescent, LED technology is the outstanding solution for all domestic and commercial lighting applications. At, we are proud to be able to deliver the most advanced products at the very best prices on the Web.

We are the LED lighting experts and are committed to bringing you the very best in LED bulbs, fittings and accessories for maximum performance. We offer a wide range of lighting products for use in homes, offices, warehouses etc.

Brightening up a Room, Lightening up your Life

LEDs are the brightest, most attractive lighting solution on the market, offering up to 50,000 hours of outstanding illumination. Thanks to their long life span and energy saving design; LED Bulbs can often pay for themselves in the first year and go on to save you hundreds of £s over the course of their life span.If you’re still not convinced that they can help, check out the Light Bulb Calculator here.

By Adam Phillips

After years at the bank, Adam decided to leave and set up 'Its The Money Guy'. Inspired by Martin Lewis' love to help people, Adam has followed in his foot steps and helped hundreds of customers, helping them save or make money for their household or business.

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