These days, we are always hunting for the next best sale, ways to save money and complain that we have never got enough money… What if I told you there is a quick way you can save yourself money – immediately! On each label in supermarkets is the price of the product, below that will be how much it’s costing you to buy that product per 100g or 100ml (there are many other units of measurement). Just by reviewing these figures, you could be saving a huge amount of money.

Which is a better deal?

Above, there are 2 options, to buy the same thing. Ordinarily, it would be quick to assume that buying a 6 pack will be cheaper than buying individual pots – YOU’D BE WRONG!

Just by reviewing the figures below the price of the product you can see that the 50p per pot = 27.8p per 100g of Muller Rice, if you bought the 6 pack it works out to 36.1p per 100g.

Same Stuff. Same Flavour. More Expensive.

But not just a little bit more expensive – 8.3p which is 23% cheaper than the multipack. it represents 30% of the cheaper pots price. Proportionately – that’s a huge saving!

Lets now look at the KitKat Chunky…

Above we have family fave, KitKat Chunky, again, literally, next to eachother and if you don’t do any quick maths – you’d grab the packet of 9 – but look at the difference in price!

86.8p per 100g vs 62.5g per 100g – that’s 24.3p difference per 100g!

This represents 28% of the snack-sized KitKat and a whopping 39% of the price of the Fuller, normal sized KitKat Chunky.

If you could split the 4 pack and spend £2.50 on the 4 pack – you’d have 10 regular sized Kitkat Chunky’s vs the 9 smaller ones.

Another way to think of it – 9 x 32g = 288g of KitKat. I’d only need 10 x 40g = 400g = 122g MORE Chocolate for the same price!

You’d only need 7.2 regular sized KitKat Chunky’s to have the same amount of chocolate as 9 snacksized ones. SO buy 2 packs of regular sized KitKat Chunky’s – you’d be saving 50p AND you’d have 320g of KitKat – 32g more!

These are just two products that I happen to have noticed walking around a local supermarket the other day, but i would have spent 30% (odd) MORE had I decided to pick up the multipack.

Always check these label details

I’m sure if I took the time to look at this for every product I bought for my weekly shop, then times that by 52 weeks of the year – there could be a sizeable difference.

If we assumed these prices didn’t move for 1 year and I bought one of each, every week, I’d be saving £1.40 a week or £72.80 a year….just on Muller rice and KitKat – Imagine how much more it could be if we took the time to review our shopping, every time we shopped!

Do you have any bargains you’d like to share? Any Tricks of the trade? Feel free to write to me

By Adam Phillips

After years at the bank, Adam decided to leave and set up 'Its The Money Guy'. Inspired by Martin Lewis' love to help people, Adam has followed in his foot steps and helped hundreds of customers, helping them save or make money for their household or business.