Insurance is fun isn't it....said no one ever! However it is, in some cases, a legal requirement and in other cases, quite a sensible thing to have. There are so many aspects to remember about insurance though, it might be worth having a chat with me so that I can help.

Insurance doesn’t have to be confusing

Car insurance, home insurance, mobile insurance, life insurance, income insurance, motorcycle insurance…there are so many different types.

The point of it is to put you back into the same position prior to an event happening. so in other words, should you break your car, they will either fix it or repair it. Insurance isn’t there to actually make you better off, although we have all heard of certain scams, fraudulent claims and people do try to swindle the system, often ending up in fines and imprisonment.

The thing with insurance is this… the companies that sell insurance may not always be as honest as perhaps they should be and/or they don’t keep the terms that you originally signed up for, the same. Often, this results in people paying way over the odds, being under insured or (in rare cases) the customer hasn’t actually been covered at all.


I want everyone to review their insurances – today! Please get in contact for loads of different reasons:

  • Insurance renewal quotes – ask me to check the schedule and I’ll let you know EXACTLY what the new deal is (it may not be the same as last year)
  • Explain insurance terminology, (excesses, cover, premium, term…)
  • Find a new insurance provider (search together to get a new quote from another insurance provider)
  • Get quotes from a local insurance underwriter
  • Check what your current insurance policy actually covers you for (insurance health check)
  • Discuss insurance requirements (if it is required at all and if so, for much cover)

Why not get in touch and see how I can help?

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