Angel Call Handling – work from home

If you are fed up with working for other people and want to become your own boss - why not set up your own company and work for Angel Call handling as a sub contractor?

Angel Call handling is a local business based in  Andover who are going from strength to strength. They have got a deal for you – which mustn’t be ignored.

The Deal:

  • Pay a very small amount to get set up and go on a training course to get you trained and going as someone who will answer the phone on behalf of other businesses, one is a popular coffee company, the other is a popular and well known energy company, you’ll be an extension of their customer services team. You work when you want to. You are asked to ideally complete at least 15 hours work a week, but you decide when that actually is. Want to work 40 hours – no problem! There are added incentives to have too – Angela and Sarah will be able to talk you through these.

For more info – simply email or call 07951314857

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