Personal Services

Personal Services is for everyone. The business owner, the employed person, the unemployed, the ones on benefits and the ones that are between jobs. There are two parts, make me money and save me money.

Make me Money is all about making money! There are a various different ways of earning extra cash, often it can be done at home and even the chance for getting an entirely new job (Still being built this part… but coming soon!)

Make me money

20 Cogs – Earn Money at Home!

Join 20Cogs to earn money in your spare time. Make money by completing competitions, offers, games and surveys. The average user earns over £200 and it's FREE to join. One lucky member has made a themselves a massive £733!

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Angel Call Handling – work from home

If you are fed up with working for other people and want to become your own boss - why not set up your own company and work for Angel Call handling as a sub contractor?

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Jobs – Search for a Job ***COMING SOON***

When it comes to making you money, I can't think of a better way than helping you get a job, set up a career, a future and hopefully sorting yourself and your family out financially.

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Make Money – Become A Money Guy Agent!

Make Money by becoming a Money Guy Agent!

We all could do with a few extra £££'s in our life, a quick and easy way to do this is refer a friend/business colleague or family member.

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Mingle Respondi – Earn Money at Home!

Everything you need to know about the opinion platform for the UK & Europe. Mingle is an online opinion platform of Respondi. Respondi AG is a leading company in the market research industry. mingle has over 300,000 members throughout Europe.

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Panel Opinion – Earn Money at Home!

Panel Opinion is a website that pays out and gives you cash via BACS/Paypal or CHAPS in return for you giving your opinion on subject matters.

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Swagbucks – Earn Money at Home!

Swagbucks is a website which gives you 'Swagbucks' which can be exchanged for cash or gift cards. Perfect if you're sitting down in the evening and to do in the background, whilst your favourite TV programme is on.

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Utility Warehouse Partner – Make Pennies or Make a Living

Work with a FTSE 250 company which provides training, your own website and full ongoing support for just £50!

If you are fed up with working for other people and want to earn a few more pennies or perhaps you want to find a job that you can do in between taking the kids to school, then this may be the one! You could earn just a couple of hundred £££'s or you could earn - literally - Thousands of £££'s! This business also provides residual income, which means when you want to finish working you could also continue to earn. The income earned is also Willable too, which means it can continue to be paid to your loved ones, even after death!

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We believe in the power of participation.
From the very beginning, we have been driven by a simple idea: The more people are able to participate in the decisions made by the institutions that serve them, the better those decisions will be.

At the heart of our company is a global online community, where millions of people and thousands of political, cultural and commercial organisations engage in a continuous conversation about their beliefs, behaviours and brands.

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Save me money

‘Look After My Bills’ and ‘It’s The Money Guy’ – Team up to Save Everyone Thousands of £££’s!

I will always advocate checking what you are paying, ensuring the customer service level is what you want and making sure you always get the best deal for your money. The EASIEST way of saving some money each year is by switching your Energy Supplier.

For the first time ever I'm going to say - join 'Look After My Bills' and you WON'T have to switch ever again. The reason for this - they do it for you!

This way - you will be switching year after year as I advocate - except - YOU won't have too!

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1 to 1 Personal Money and Saving Plans

The best way to tackle savings is treating it like a 12 week fitness shred!

1) Face that you'll have to make changes
2) Actually do what we agree to do
3) Reflect on what you are doing and see if its going the way you had planned
4) Have someone to report to (A money coach) to ensure that you are accountable for what happens

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Complete The Money Guy Money Form to Start Saving TODAY!

It's something we all have to deal with and yet, for some reason, we aren't taught it at school or at any other point in our life unless we take a specific class for it - we all have to pick up the ropes as we go along and are learning on the job!

I want to help people save money or make it. More often than not, you don't have to do massive, life-changing things, to save a few hundred £££'s . Like anything in life, the more effort, time and energy you put in, the more you're likely to get out.

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Hometree – 5* Boiler, Heating and Home Cover that Starts STRAIGHT AWAY

Think of boiler cover and the first company that usually comes to mind is British Gas and there's nothing wrong with that - however, there are some new emerging companies which will beat cover and/or price AND starts straight away!

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Insurance is fun isn't it....said no one ever! However it is, in some cases, a legal requirement and in other cases, quite a sensible thing to have. There are so many aspects to remember about insurance though, it might be worth having a chat with me so that I can help.

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Each Week Adam Will Take You Through a Money Saving Top Tip. This Week Its All About Never Downgrading EVER Again!

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Save and Make Money with The Money Guy

These days everyone is in a rush and this is stopping people from saving and making money. If you haven't got time, then book a quick call with The Money Guy. Download the App today to upload schedules/bills/certificates/CV's etc for The Money Guy to Review and hopefully get you either a cheaper price or better value for what you are currently paying. Adam will also try and find extra pennies to pay for things you currently haven't got, but really want or need. Download the app -

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Save Money by changing your light bulbs!

There are so many quick wins that you can do to save money, one of them is by visiting or LEDBulbs!

The light bulbs found here are really cheap (vs supermarket prices for light bulbs) and its a great way of reducing your energy output from your home and as always, if you reduce your energy output - you save money! (Plus reduce your Carbon footprint).

LED Bulbs are a quick win, which isn't too tricky to do, sometimes, they are slightly more expensive than ordinary bulbs, but not only will you save that money on your energy bills, but you will be using less energy for the same brightness. They are more reliable and tend to last a lot longer than a standard bulb.

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Why not get in touch and see how I can help?

If you have any questions relating to money or starting or running your own business, feel free to send me a message by simply clicking on ‘Get in touch’ alongside.