Case Studies

Below are case studies, real situations and examples of real people that have came to me for support with their finances. I have been given approval by each of the clients to explain the situation, the process that they went through and give an insight into how much money they have saved or things that they have perhaps learned. Education is key, so please have a read and see how people are literally putting money back into their pocket. For help, all you have to do is click ‘Get in Touch’ and I’ll be happy to give you a call or send a message back.

Jo Davis Hill

Jo Came to me early 2018 after seeing that I was offering free help to help kick start 2018 for 5 lucky people. I met up with her at a local coffee shop to talk over where she was, what she wanted to achieve and then got to know all about her, understand why she was in the financial position that she was in and then ultimately get to work!

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