Handepays commitment - If they can't better your current merchant services price - they'll give you £1000! Handepay is a company which deals in merchant services. In English, the card machines you use in a shop is a merchant service, likewise, if you have ever put something in your 'basket' on a website - this is also a merchant service and lastly, paying over the phone is a merchant service.

I have teamed up with Handepay, a company that used to be owned by Worldpay and has recently been taken over by a company called Evo. they are based in the UK, have 24/7 customer care line, they don’t charge all the extra fees that normal merchant service providers charge. Their customer service is some of the highest in the industry – check out their Trustpilot customer service scores here. 

ill in your details near the top and the business you are referring underneath. Then, leave it with the team. There is NO OBLIGATION to take up anything. The Handepay team will contact your mate or person that you have approached and let me know what the out come is. If they go ahead, I’ll ping you £50 to your account.

They are currently doing a deal whereby, if they can’t better the deal for the business you are referring, then they will give the business £1000. Maybe, if you sweet talk the person and they do get the £1000, perhaps, they could give you a little something by way of thanks!? (I’ll leave that for you to discuss!)

I want to push this because so many businesses become so busy with their day job, they forget to actually check if there are cheaper alternatives to services they have already have. This could save businesses £££’s. Like all utilities, if they are forgotten about and not kept on top off, they can often end up costing more than originally thought.

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