Business Consultancy

'Business Consultancy' is a term that is over used a lot these days. The simplest reason for this is because it covers so many things! A business is a big deal. If you are a Plumber - you are not just a Plumber. You are now, inadvertently, a marketer of your business, a buyer/seller for your business, an accountant, a bookkeeper, you may have to design adverts, clothing, ensure that your employees or sub-contractors are happy, suddenly you've become a complaints handler, cleaner...the list goes on.

All the things that goes with owning a business is pretty scary. Understanding what you can or can’t do, knowing what advert will work, why it may not, understanding your tax…These are things that are often overlooked and needs attention. It could be costing you thousands of £££’s a year, because its never been addressed.

This is where I step in. For a small fee, I can come in and ensure that all of the above is considered and looked at. Perhaps I can point you into the right direction of an expert who will be able to teach and guide you, so that one day you can do it all by yourself, without fret or worry. knowing that your business is as efficient as it can be.

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