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Below are a few ways that I may be able to assist your business by either saving money or making it more efficient. Please have a look through the various ways I can help and see if something suits you. If you’re not sure, please click the ‘Get in Touch’ Button and message me, I’ll be sure to give you a call with some help.

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Business Consultancy

'Business Consultancy' is a term that is over used a lot these days. The simplest reason for this is because it covers so many things! A business is a big deal. If you are a Plumber - you are not just a Plumber. You are now, inadvertently, a marketer of your business, a buyer/seller for your business, an accountant, a bookkeeper, you may have to design adverts, clothing, ensure that your employees or sub-contractors are happy, suddenly you've become a complaints handler, cleaner...the list goes on.

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting and Bookkeeping is a must for any business owner. It's the thing which tells you if your business is actually working (Or not). Its the thing that warns you to potential theft or fraud from either an internal or external source, it might be the trigger which allows you to re-think if the stock you hold is right for the business, if the systems that you use is the most efficient, it's a reflection of your businesses success in monetary terms. The question here is - do you do your own books and accounts and do you know enough to be making the most of the rules and regulations of the land?

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Business Contracts

One thing which is often overlooked, more often than not, because of the perceived price involved, is the dreaded contract. A contract is there, not to confuse or to trap people, if done correctly, they are there to ensure that everyone's well being has been looked after and everyone's expectations are actually met. It is a piece of paperwork which is a metaphorical handshake with one another. It is there to ensure that no-one is cheated.

Like anything in life, you SHOULD read the whole contract, no different to terms and conditions. We're in a world where ignorance, lack of interest or 'never quite getting around to reading literature' isn't really an excuse or a get out clause of a contract. If you sign it, you should adhere to it (In theory!).

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Handepays commitment - If they can't better your current merchant services price - they'll give you £1000!

Handepay is a company which deals in merchant services. In English, the card machines you use in a shop is a merchant service, likewise, if you have ever put something in your 'basket' on a website - this is also a merchant service and lastly, paying over the phone is a merchant service.

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