Welcome to It’s The Money Guy! The whole point of this website is to help people and businesses make better financial decisions. I will feature on Andover Radio (95.9FM) on a weekly basis and be releasing new content each week, talking about how to save money, make money and supporting anyone who is self-employed. If you have any questions about money or setting up your own business, please let me know! Just click on the ‘ Get in contact’ button and send me an email. Remember to join the ‘it’s the money guy group’ on Facebook for additional content and information.

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‘Look After My Bills’ and ‘It’s The Money Guy’ – Team up to Save Everyone Thousands of £££’s!

I will always advocate checking what you are paying, ensuring the customer service level is what you want and making sure you always get the best deal for your money. The EASIEST way of saving some money each year is by switching your Energy Supplier.

For the first time ever I'm going to say - join 'Look After My Bills' and you WON'T have to switch ever again. The reason for this - they do it for you!

This way - you will be switching year after year as I advocate - except - YOU won't have too!

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1 to 1 Personal Money and Saving Plans

The best way to tackle savings is treating it like a 12 week fitness shred!

1) Face that you'll have to make changes
2) Actually do what we agree to do
3) Reflect on what you are doing and see if its going the way you had planned
4) Have someone to report to (A money coach) to ensure that you are accountable for what happens

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20 Cogs – Earn Money at Home!

Join 20Cogs to earn money in your spare time. Make money by completing competitions, offers, games and surveys. The average user earns over £200 and it's FREE to join. One lucky member has made a themselves a massive £733!

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting and Bookkeeping is a must for any business owner. It's the thing which tells you if your business is actually working (Or not). Its the thing that warns you to potential theft or fraud from either an internal or external source, it might be the trigger which allows you to re-think if the stock you hold is right for the business, if the systems that you use is the most efficient, it's a reflection of your businesses success in monetary terms. The question here is - do you do your own books and accounts and do you know enough to be making the most of the rules and regulations of the land?

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Business Consultancy

'Business Consultancy' is a term that is over used a lot these days. The simplest reason for this is because it covers so many things! A business is a big deal. If you are a Plumber - you are not just a Plumber. You are now, inadvertently, a marketer of your business, a buyer/seller for your business, an accountant, a bookkeeper, you may have to design adverts, clothing, ensure that your employees or sub-contractors are happy, suddenly you've become a complaints handler, cleaner...the list goes on.

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Business Contracts

One thing which is often overlooked, more often than not, because of the perceived price involved, is the dreaded contract. A contract is there, not to confuse or to trap people, if done correctly, they are there to ensure that everyone's well being has been looked after and everyone's expectations are actually met. It is a piece of paperwork which is a metaphorical handshake with one another. It is there to ensure that no-one is cheated.

Like anything in life, you SHOULD read the whole contract, no different to terms and conditions. We're in a world where ignorance, lack of interest or 'never quite getting around to reading literature' isn't really an excuse or a get out clause of a contract. If you sign it, you should adhere to it (In theory!).

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Amazed at how much money I've started to save after meeting Adam once. My daughter and I can enjoy a better quality of life after having a chat with Adam over coffee. The aftercare is amazing and he continues to support me in financial matters. Thanks you. 5*

Jo Davis Hill

''Adams expert financial intelligence has given me not only freedom but growth where i didn't think it was possible. I made a transition from a lucrative safe line of work to running my own business and have taken on board some vital points from Adam I never knew existed. No matter what state your business or finances are in they can always be better. He will show you what waste is and where you can make more money. To listen to him is reassuring as he knows his game inside out and to be perfectly honest, with this service you really do not know what you will get from it until you speak with him. Knowledgeable, trustworthy and a top guy.'' 5*

Martin Ardolino

''Adam is a great personable and knowledgeable chap who has a wealth of knowledge'' 5*

Lisa Huddleston

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Switch Your Current Account To Save Money & Make You Happy!

Author: Adam Phillips   |   Date: 10th November 2019

With large organisations, it seems like they’ve been around for years, in fact – you probably have been with them for years, your parent used to bank with them so you started to bank with them, my grandad banked with them…You now have this odd feeling of loyalty, you feel compelled to stay with the bank because…’you know – you’ve been with them for years’.

This of course IS NOT AN EXCUSE! Don’t be with someone, just because, that’s not a reason at all. Banks are ripping you off, either financially or customer service wise.

If you’re not happy with your bank, or perhaps, they just don’t give you anything for banking with them, CHANGE TODAY! There are some great deals to be had and some banks customer service is superb.

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